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yuletide 2012.

Dear Author,

Thank you for writing for me this year! I know whatever you choose will be great, and I'm flexible about what I've requested as well. So just have fun! (Any rating is okay, just no death or torture or overwhelming angst, okay? There's a difference between angst that makes me tear up and cry a little, and angst that has me never wanting to leave my apartment again oh god life will never be okay.)

My fic archive is here, if you were curious.

1) Chronicles of the Chrestomanci, Janet Chant.

I love Janet Chant. She is so, so good to Cat, and she is such a help to the entire Chrestomanci household. And yet, she's also such a sad character. An outsider in her own world, who doesn't quite fit in, and who is accepted in the realm of the Chrestomanci, but still--she will forever be an outsider there as well.

I'd love to see these feelings explored - how Janet copes with them, how she accepts them, how they might bother her, etc. I like happy endings, but of course I think even Janet's happiest of endings is going to have a tinge of sadness to it.

So write whatever you'd like, dear Author! You can have her falling in love with Tonino Montana à la Mixed Magic (actually that would be a bonus)- whatever, just explore her adjustment to living in Chrestomanci Castle, and even maybe throw in her feelings about Cat and Gwendolyn.

2) Runaways, Xavin/Karolina. Xavin comes back.

I adore Xavin. It's funny, because I knew she was a fan favorite when I went into the series, so I expected I wouldn't have too many feelings about her, and originally I didn't. Then, towards the end, I just really grew to love her.

And of course that's when they wrote her going off in Karolina's place and ended the series and she never came back.

I know in the comics they have Karolina moving on (in Avengers Academy) and seemingly dating Julie Power, and I love Julie! I do! I want Karolina to be happy! BUT HER AND XAVIN WERE PERFECT. THEY WERE GONNA GET MARRIED AND BE SO WONDERFULLY HAPPY. So what I would like to see is a fic where Xavin comes back. It can be AU and Karolina and the Runaways never met Avengers Academy, or it can be after Karolina and Julie are dating/have dated a bit and then we can explore the fallout from that.

It can end sadly, depending on the nature of what you choose, so just go where your heart takes you on this one.

One thing about if you decide to include Julie Power in your fic: Please be respectful of her. I love Julie. I think she's a great character. It's not her fault she's being written to like Karolina, and honestly it's not a bad pairing. Do not kill Julie off. Do not turn her into some insane bitch and therefore Karolina and her have broken up. You get the gist here. Basically, don't do something outrageous or OOC just to get Julie out of the way for some sweet Karolina/Xavin lovins. If you don't think you can accomplish this in your fic, then please write it as an AU, departing from the Marvel timeline before Karolina and Julie meet.

3) Runaways/Young Avengers, Molly Hayes and Tommy Shepherd. Buddy fic.

Well this one is simple. I love Tommy Shepherd and I love Molly Hayes but I especially love them together. Maybe Tommy has to babysit Molly! Maybe Molly runs away and finds Tommy and stays with him! Maybe Tommy lives with Billy and his family and Molly runs away and then there are wacky hijinks with Billy and Teddy too. Go wild on this one, and most importantly, have fun. The plot doesn't matter, so long as we get to see Tommy and Molly interacting once more.

Thank you so much, Author!

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